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Questions tagged [genetic-algorithms]

A family of heuristic search algorithms mimicing the process of natural evolution.

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Different forms of genetic algorithim [closed]

I wrote a code that implements a simple genetic algorithm to maximize: f(x) = 15x - x^2 The function has its maximum at 7.5, so the code output should be 7 or 8 ...
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How does the CHC Algorithm deal with child populations with lower fitness?

I am basing my question on the pseudocode for the CHC Adaptive Search Algorithm by Eshelman given in this answer by deong: ...
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QUBO formulation of a discrete-variable optimization problem

I am facing a non-linear, discrete optimization problem, which I can formulate in this abstract manner: I have a certain non-analytic non-linear real-valued function $f:S \to \mathbb{R}$ which takes ...
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Convergence theorem for Genetic Programming?

Genetic Programming (GP) is stochastic algorithm, there has been early attempts to explain its convergence with the Schmea Theorem (Holland 1975) for Genetic Algorithm adapted for GP such as (Koza ...
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Why does there always need to be a direct crossover between parents and children in real valued GAs?

I have just been thinking about the simulated binary crossover (SBX) operator used in the NSGA-II algorithm and other real-valued genetic algorithms; and i am wondering if there is any reason that ...
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Do Genetic Algorithms Expect a Independent Search Space

Genetic Algorithms seem like multiple simulated annealing instances, augmented with a crossover genetic operator. The crossover operator selects predefined genes from two different parent solutions to ...
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Initial population for a genetic algorithm from one individual

I'm trying to use GA solve the quadratic assignment problem (QAP). We're planning on using it to be able to provide good solutions when using branch and bound becomes impossible, and as a requirement, ...
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3 answers

The use of crossovers in Genetic Algorithm

My questions concern the use of crossovers in genetic algorithms. The three basic ingredients of genetic algorithms are: selection mutation crossover If we think of genetic algorithm acting on ...
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dynamic algorithms for the subset-sum problem hold for vectors?

I have a vector (er, array) that is the sum of a number of other known vectors. I would like to reverse the process and find the specific known vectors that were summed to make the final vector. The ...
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Convert to gray code a custom domain of a genetic algorithm [closed]

Right now I have a binary genetic algorithm. I used a random 0-512 and other random to get the symbol. Example: 1- 297 and + = 297 2- 486 and - = -486 ... I used 512 because the binary of it is 10 ...
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tournament selection in genetic algorithms

I have a question about how to use a tournament selection in GA. Suppose that I have 100 individuals as an initial population and then I want to apply tournament selection for n generations, so I end ...
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1 answer

When to apply soft constraints evaluation functions in genetic algorithms?

As stated in the question, say i created a random population of 100 timetables. 1 % of these timetables are valid. Then, if I apply the soft constraints evaluation functions on the 1% valid timetables,...
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To what extent is it possible to use genetic algorithms to make wind mill turbine blades more efficient?

I recently watched this video on youtube. It featured someone explaining how he used genetic algorithms to improve the efficiency of wind mill turbines by finding the optimal shape for the blades. ...
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Ultimate Jedi Challenge - Multiarmed Bandit / Reinforcment Learning / advanced AI problem

(This is an attempt to reformulate this question more concisely.) Context You are a Jedi master who wants to prepare a training program (online-algorithm) for his apprentice, "Luke". Luke needs to ...
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2 answers

Selection in a genetic algorithm

I have a working genetic algorithm which uses a few genetic operators on pairs of individuals. These two individuals are selected by fitness-proportional (roulette-wheel) selection, that is, an ...
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1 answer

What is the correct name for the space of genotypes and fitness?

I'm looking for a formal definition of the space that consists of the dimensions gene 1-N and the fitness. In literature there is often the search space mentioned, but it only contains all genes. If ...
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Linear Genetic Programming

I have a few questions about linear genetic programming. I'm struggling to find much information on them, hopefully someone here can help me, it would be much appreciated. 1) Initialisation: When ...
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GA puzzle solver stuck at local maximum

I have a jigsaw type problem with 192 pieces which I am trying to find solutions to. I have written a GA which starts from a random allocation then 'crosses' by taking rectangular blocks from one ...
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6 votes
2 answers

What limits the performance of evolutionary computing techniques?

What limits the current performance of genetic algorithms and neural networks? The principles underlying these techniques, at least the popular science presentation of these principles, suggests that ...
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Genetic Algorithm convergence test functions

I was working on parallel implementation of Genetic Algorithm with MapReduce. I have found that in many papers authors are referencing OneMAX as problem they used to test scalability and convergence ...
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2 answers

Dealing with duplicates in Genetic Algorithm

I'm using Genetic Algorithm to create a rota for home-care organisation. All the groundwork is complete, I'm getting the results, but results are not as good as expected. If I calculate fitness for ...
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Sources for Algorithmic Evolutionary Game Theory

I use the title term in a very loose sense. There is a significant amount of work on evolutionary game theory, including its mathematical foundations. I was recommended "Evolutionary Games and ...
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Genetic algorithms

Is it theoretically possible to reconstruct the contents of a file from its id using evolutionary computing? A file in this case can be a text, image, video or audio file. The 'id' in this case, ...
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1 answer

What is the tradeoff between population size and the number of generations in genetic algorithms

Genetic algorithms evolve in fewer generations with a larger population, but also take longer to compute a generation. Are there some guide lines for balancing those two factors, in order to arrive at ...
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