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Is Kotlin's type system Turing complete?

Java's type system is Turing complete. For whatever reason, I was under the impression that Kotlin's type system (for concreteness, let's say the latest version of the language -- ...
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Convergence theorem for Genetic Programming?

Genetic Programming (GP) is stochastic algorithm, there has been early attempts to explain its convergence with the Schmea Theorem (Holland 1975) for Genetic Algorithm adapted for GP such as (Koza ...
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Do Genetic Algorithms Expect a Independent Search Space

Genetic Algorithms seem like multiple simulated annealing instances, augmented with a crossover genetic operator. The crossover operator selects predefined genes from two different parent solutions to ...
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How useful is program search in the field of programming-language theory?

I've been thinking: computing systems such as the Lambda Calculus and its variations are usually very simple and can be implemented in as few as ~80 lines of Haskell code. There is a self-interpreter ...
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What is the correct name for the space of genotypes and fitness?

I'm looking for a formal definition of the space that consists of the dimensions gene 1-N and the fitness. In literature there is often the search space mentioned, but it only contains all genes. If ...
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Linear Genetic Programming

I have a few questions about linear genetic programming. I'm struggling to find much information on them, hopefully someone here can help me, it would be much appreciated. 1) Initialisation: When ...
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2 answers

What limits the performance of evolutionary computing techniques?

What limits the current performance of genetic algorithms and neural networks? The principles underlying these techniques, at least the popular science presentation of these principles, suggests that ...
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2 answers

Genetic Algorithm convergence test functions

I was working on parallel implementation of Genetic Algorithm with MapReduce. I have found that in many papers authors are referencing OneMAX as problem they used to test scalability and convergence ...
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Genetic algorithms

Is it theoretically possible to reconstruct the contents of a file from its id using evolutionary computing? A file in this case can be a text, image, video or audio file. The 'id' in this case, ...
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Finding the distance between two polynomials (represented as trees)

A colleague who works on genetic programming asked me the following question. I first tried to solve it based on a greedy approach, but on a second thought, I found a counterexample to the greedy ...
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