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A heuristic is a procedure that can apply generically to many problems (for example gradient descent, alternating optimization, simulated annealing) but will typically not have formal guarantees associated with its use.

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Theoretical explanations for practical success of SAT solvers?

What theoretical explanations are there for the practical success of SAT solvers, and can someone give a "wikipedia-style" overview and explanation tying them all together? By analogy, the smoothed ...
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Generating interesting combinatorial optimization problems

I'm teaching a course on meta-heuristics and need to generate interesting instances of classic combinatorial problems for the term project. Let's focus on TSP. We are tackling graphs of dimension $200$...
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Decentralized algorithm for determining influential nodes in social networks

In this paper by Kempe-Kleinberg-Tardos, the Authors propose a greedy algorithms based on submodular functions to determine the $k$ most influential nodes in a graph, with applications to social ...
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Approximation for metric TSP: Worst case using nearest neighbor heuristic?

I'm looking at different heuristics that approximate solutions for a metric Traveling Salesman Problem. I was wondering if there is a worst case ratio of tours calculated by the nearest neighbor ...
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Heuristics for tsp without triangle inequality

Every heuristic for the traveling salesman problem that I know of (Nearest-Neighbour, Christofides, Held-Karp, ...) assumes that the triangle inequality holds. Are there heuristics to solve the tsp ...
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