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Are there any practical applications of a faster algorithm to compute Huffman codes?

Which practical problem would benefit from a technique to compute optimal prefix free codes faster (say, faster than O(sigma log sigma) on sigma input symbols)? When compressing a source of n symbols ...
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Original reference for Huffman shaped Merge Sort?

What is the first publication of the concept of optimizing merge sort by identifying sequences of consecutive positions in increasing orders (aka runs) in linear time; then repeatedly merging the ...
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Does Huffman coding always produce shorter codes than the Shannon code?

Let $X\in\{1,2,\ldots,m\}$ be a discrete random variable with $X\sim p$. Let $C$ be a code for $X$ with $l_i$ being the length $i$-th codeword and let $L(C)$ be the expected length of the code. The ...
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