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"All-different hypergraph coloring" - known problem?

I am interested in the following problem: Given a set X and subsets X_1, ..., X_n of X, find a coloring of the elements of X with k colors such that the elements in each X_i are all differently ...
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21 votes
2 answers

Recognizing line graphs of hypergraphs

The line graph of a hypergraph $H$ is the (simple) graph $G$ having edges of $H$ as vertices with two edges of $H$ are adjacent in $G$ if they have nonempty intersection. A hypergraph is an $r$-...
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10 votes
4 answers

What are the root difficulties in going from graphs to hypergraphs?

There are many examples in combinatorics and computer science where we can analyze a graph-theoretic problem but for the problem's hypergraph analog, our tools are lacking. Why do you think problems ...
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Lower bound on the largest restrained cubic subset

Consider an $n \times n \times n$ cube. I would like to consider subsets of points in the cube with the two following constraints: Each row in the cube (in any of the three directions) has exactly 2 ...
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