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Recovering the slope of a digitized line

Has there been any work on recovering the slope of a line segment from its digitization? One can't do this with perfect accuracy, of course; what one wants is a method of deriving from a digitized ...
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Detecting/Locating endpoints of a bridge-like structure in images using Graph Theory

I have asked similar questions on stackoverflow; as i couldn't post the very same question in this part of stackexchange. However, i would still like to receive recommendations / advice from this ...
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What is the difference between standard SIFT descriptor and upright SIFT descriptor?

I am conducting a research on the topic of mobile location recognition and recently I have reached the issue of extracting discriminative features. I've read that for upright images is strongly ...
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Methods of converting an image to graph

In my thesis on object recognition based on spatial relations and visual features, I need to convert the images to graphs to be able to work on their spatial relations. Could you introduce some ...
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Cleaning images in order to perform feature detection

I have a set of images (e.g. cars) and trying to perform feature detection using SIFT (actually, SIFT modification - A-SIFT, which is more robust to affine transformations) and I'm getting an ...
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How to simulate the quantum measurement of a quantum state in Quantum Image

I'm trying to implement (simulate) the Novel Enhanced Quantum Representation (NEQR), which is one of the quantum image representation models, but i'm stuck in the measurement part. In other words i ...
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Clustering algorithm for image metric

Im working on image clustering (finding duplicates). I have a metric for images, it uses histogram features (mean, dispersion, skewnewss) for each color channel. So there are 9 dimensions. It is quite ...
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Colourspace Quantisation using Voronoi Diagrams

I don't know if this counts as an objective question, but... Say I have an image in RGB space $C=[0,1]^3$ and I wanted to resample it to a restricted palette of $P_1,\ldots,P_n\in C$: Would it be ...
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When was first line detection algorithm created and when line detection problem was posed?

I wonder when was first line detection algorithm created (first used in practice and refrenced by any publications) and when line detection problem was posed (I know it can look like generaal edge ...
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Algorithm to go from a picture (or pictures) of a string in space, to a piecewise-linear representation of the curve

Say you have a knotted-up string or, as in this case, USB cable: I am wondering to what extent there are algorithms that could turn a picture like this (or a succession of pictures of the same object)...
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Making feature vector from Gabor filters for classification using Neural Networks

My aim is to classify types of cars (Sedans,SUV,Hatchbacks) and earlier I was using corner features for classification but it didn't work out very well so now I am trying Gabor features. code from ...
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