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Questions tagged [information]

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Maximum theoretical compression ratio for real-valued data

Given a sequence of $N$ real-valued vectors $\mathbf{v_1}, \mathbf{v_2}, ..., \mathbf{v_N}$, each of dimension $d$, do any of the below bounds exist? The minimum number of real-valued vectors of ...
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How do I calculate the information content of a mass spectrum?

Ions in a mass spectrum are represented using two independent values for the mass-to-charge ratio [m/z] of the ion and it's relative abundance. Here's an example for caffeine from HMDB: https://hmdb....
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Why isn’t information-probability relationship linear? [closed]

I am completely new to information theory. I was learning about information content but couldn’t make sense of why the relationship between information content and probability isn’t linear? And why it ...
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Computing specific information of a signal propagation instead of entire signal

Disclaimer: This may be considered off-topic. I apologise if this is the case, but I really could not find a better place to post this. In general, a signal can be built from a combination of ...
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Computational cost of Optimal Morse-Like codes?

Did anyone considered formally the computational complexity of Morse-like codes from an information theory point of view? Morse Code was optimized but designed before the advent of information ...
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