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Are there any algorithms that are similar to Fagin's Algorithm, but for unranked lists?

Fagin's Algorithm is a popular algorithm for finding the top-$k$ items from multiple ranked lists of the items (i.e., via different scoring functions), using some monotonic aggregation function for ...
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What's the connection between entropy and deanonymization?

I'm reading this article about how personal information that was anonymaized can usually be re identified. In the article at Theorem 3 the writers talk about ...
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Why is the zero value ignored while deriving a ranking function for query terms in Probabilistic IR?

Take for instance equation 67 and 68 from this chapter: the value of $P(q|R=1,q)$ can become zero if the term is not present in the document, and as all probabilities are multiplied, the probability ...
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question about probability ranking principle

I am studying IR and I am not clearly understand "probability ranking principle" ( I tried to google the definition, but i couldn't find clear answer.) I am assuming that it's system which ...
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What are some theory problems in Information Retrieval and Search Engines which are not yet solved or can be bettered?

I'm interested in IR and Search Engines and want to work on a theory problem in this space. Most thoughts that I get are focused towards implementation and would like to explore something not solved ...
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Combining multiple time-based datasources with different periods

I have two time-based data sources (one providing data by month and the other by week) that must be combined to create a third daily source (recognizing that at best we're getting one possible ...
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