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Knowledge representation and reasoning

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What are the applications of Belief Revision?

In my Computer Science graduation, I came across this concept of Belief Revision, which focus on knowledge representation and the possible operations that can be done with the facts that a "...
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Al-Mubaid's Similarity Measure for Ontological Concepts

Al-Mubaid et al. proposed a semantic similarity measure in their research paper [1]. They see ontologies as connected graphs but refer to clusters within ontology graphs without ever defining what ...
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Representing data with Shannon entropy predicted bits

Let us assume a file based on a character set where each character has equal probability of occurance. This will result in the maximum entropy for that character set. On calculating the entropy, let ...
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What logic(s) exist for attributing belief?

I'm looking for an appropriate formalism to represent "traceability" in claims, especially connecting conclusions to source materials in a rigorous way. For example, I'd like to be able to represent ...
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What is the difference between an Ontology and Knowledge Representation (KR)?

From my understanding an Ontology is a description of how a real object can be understood or represented (such as a chair being a collection of atoms, a piece of furniture part of a larger collection ...
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Can I represent a computer program on a Hilbert Curve?

I overheard in discussion tonight: You know - you can represent a computer program as points on a Hilbert Curve. Is there a reference that explains this concept? I can't seem to Google for it.
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Representation of procedural knowledge

I know that knowledge about relationships between things can be represented using ontologies and stored in some sort of file or database system. Can a network of procedural knowledge also be created ...
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What Fuzzy techniques can combine conflicting quantified data?

I have been reading Fuzzy Belief Revision and trying to determine how the methods could be used to combine readings from conflicting sensors. For example, if one sensor reads 70 degrees and another ...
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Are there Belief Revision techniques for quantified data?

Are there Belief Revision techniques that aren't based solely in formal logic propositions? For example, if one agent believes the temperature for an area is 85 degrees and another believes the ...
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