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Linear algebra deals with vector spaces and linear transformations.

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Complexity of Finding the Eigendecomposition of a Matrix

My question is simple: What is the worst-case running time of the best known algorithm for computing an eigendecomposition of an $n \times n$ matrix? Does eigendecomposition reduce to matrix ...
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A data structure for minimum dot product queries

Consider $\mathbb{R}^n$ equipped with the standard dot product $\langle \cdot, \cdot \rangle$ and $m$ vectors there: $v_1, v_2, \ldots, v_m$. We want to build a data structure that allows queries of ...
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Checking equivalence of two polytopes

Consider a vector of variables $\vec{x}$, and a set of linear constraints specified by $A\vec{x}\leq b$. Furthermore, consider two polytopes $$\begin{align*} P_1&=\{(f_1(\vec{x}), \cdots, f_m(\...
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Decide whether a matrix's kernel contains any non-zero vector all of whose entries are -1, 0, or 1

Given an $m$ by $n$ binary matrix $M$ (entries are $0$ or $1$), the problem is to determine if there exists two binary vectors $v_1 \ne v_2$ such that $Mv_1 = Mv_2$ (all operations performed over $\...
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Is solving systems of equations modulo $k$ in $\mathsf{coMod}_k\mathsf L$ for $k$ composite?

I'm interested in the complexity of solving linear equations modulo k, for arbitrary k (and with a special interest in prime powers), specifically: Problem. For a given system of $m$ linear equations ...
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Approximation algorithms for min vector subset-sum over GF(2)

In this question vzn asked about the following problem, which I'll call Vector-Subset-Sum. Given a set of vectors $v_i$ over GF(2) and a target vector $y$, is there a subset of the $v_i$ summing to ...
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What is the actual time complexity of Gaussian elimination?

In an answer to an earlier question, I mentioned the common but false belief that “Gaussian” elimination runs in $O(n^3)$ time. While it is obvious that the algorithm uses $O(n^3)$ arithmetic ...
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Evidence that matrix multiplication can be done in quadratic time?

It is widely conjectured that $\omega$, the optimal exponent for matrix multiplication, is in fact equal to 2. My question is simple: What reasons do we have for believing that $\omega = 2$? I'm ...
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Is there a polynomial time algorithm to determine if the span of a set of matrices contains a permutation matrix?

I would like to find a polynomial time algorithm that determines if the span of a given set of matrices contains a permutation matrix. If any one knows if this problem is of a different complexity ...
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Complexity of matrix powering

Let $M$ be a square integer matrix, and let $n$ be a positive integer. I am interested in the complexity of the following decision problem: Is the top-right entry of $M^n$ positive? Note that the ...
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What is the most general structure on which matrix product verification can be done in $O(n^2)$ time?

In 1979, Freivalds showed that verifying matrix products over any field can be done in randomized $O(n^2)$ time. More formally, given three matrices A, B, and C, with entries from a field F, the ...
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What is the space complexity of calculating Eigenvalues?

I am looking for a survey paper or a book covering results about the space complexity of common linear algebra operations such as matrix rank, eigenvalues calculation, etc. I stress the "space ...
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How to obtain the unknown values $a_i,b_j$ given an unordered list of $a_i-b_j\mod N$?

Can anyone help me with the following problem? I want to find some values $a_i,b_j$ (mod $N$) where $i=1,2,…,K, j=1,2,…,K $ (for example $K=6$), given a list of $K^2$ values that correspond to the ...
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Checking if all products of a set of matrices eventually equal zero

I am interested in the following problem: given integer matrices $A_1,A_2, \ldots, A_k$ decide if every infinite product of these matrices eventually equals the zero matrix. This means exactly what ...
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Determinant modulo m

What are the known efficient algorithms for computing a determinant of an integer matrix with coefficients in $\mathbb{Z}_m$, the ring of residues modulo $m$. The number $m$ may not be prime but ...
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What is the fastest algorithm to compute rank of a rectangular matrix?

Given an $m \times n$ matrix (assuming $m \ge n$), what is the fastest algorithm to compute its rank and basis of the columns? I am aware it can be solved through linear matroid intersection, which ...
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The minimum number of arithmetic operations to compute the determinant

Has there been any work on finding the minimum number of elementary arithmetic operations needed to compute the determinant of an $n$ by $n$ matrix for small and fixed $n$? For example, $n=5$.
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Algorithmic Vector Problem

I have an algebraic problem related to vectors in the field GF(2). Let $v_1, v_2, \ldots, v_m$ be (0,1)-vectors of dimension $n$, and $m=n^{O(1)}$. Find a polynomial time algorithm that finds a (0,1)-...
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Complexity of Finding the Eigendecomposition of a *Symmetric* Matrix

This is a specialized version of a previous question: Complexity of Finding the Eigendecomposition of a Matrix . For NxN symmetric matrices, it is known that O(N^3) time suffices to compute the ...
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Constructing vectors in general position

Let a real $k\times n$ ($k\le n$) matrix ${\bf A}$ with the property that any collection of $k$ columns is full rank. Q: Is there an efficient way to deterministically find a vector ${\bf a}$ such ...
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Restricting entries of unitary operators to real numbers and universal gate sets

In Bernstein and Vazirani's seminal paper "Quantum Complexity Theory", they show that a $d$-dimensional unitary transformation can be efficiently approximated by a product of what they call "near-...
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Non-Orthogonal Vectors Problem

Consider the following problems: Orthogonal Vectors Problem Input: A set $S$ of $n$ Boolean vectors each of length $d$. Question: Do there exist distinct vectors $v_1$ and $v_2 \in S$ ...
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