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Linear algebra deals with vector spaces and linear transformations.

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Cases of nearly linear time solvable linear systems

Let a square $n\times n$ real matrix ${\bf A}$ and two vectors ${\bf x}$ and ${\bf b}$ of length $n$, such that $${\bf A}{\bf x}={\bf b}.$$ Solving for ${\bf x}$ through standard Gaussian Elimination ...
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Are the minimal quantum and classical span programs the same?

A span program is a linear-algebraic way of specifying a boolean function introduced here which has found recent application in quantum query complexity. A span program for a function $f: \{0,1\}^n \...
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Finding a cutting plane that splits a polyhedron evenly

Say we have a polyhedron in standard form: \begin{equation*} \begin{array}{rl} \mathbf{A}\mathbf{x} = \mathbf{b} \\\\ \mathbf{x} \ge 0 \end{array} \end{equation*} Are there any known methods for ...
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What's new in sparse eigensystems solution

As a part of other work I need to solve relatively large (~1E5x1E5) and sparse (~100 non-zero elements in each raw in few blocks) hermitian eigensystems. Usually only few eigenvalues+vectors are ...
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A data structure for minimum dot product queries

Consider $\mathbb{R}^n$ equipped with the standard dot product $\langle \cdot, \cdot \rangle$ and $m$ vectors there: $v_1, v_2, \ldots, v_m$. We want to build a data structure that allows queries of ...
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Taking Square Roots of Matrices over Z/nZ

Is it easy (computationally) to take square roots of matrices over Z/nZ, if you know the factorization of n? More specifically, suppose I generate a random matrix M, and square it. Can a ...
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Hardness of finding eigenvalues?

Is there a setting in which finding eigenvalues/eigenvectors is computationally hard? Or at least, not known to be computationally easy? For example, how computationally hard or easy is it to find ...
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Restricting entries of unitary operators to real numbers and universal gate sets

In Bernstein and Vazirani's seminal paper "Quantum Complexity Theory", they show that a $d$-dimensional unitary transformation can be efficiently approximated by a product of what they call "near-...
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What is the largest gap between rank and approximate rank?

We know that the log of the rank of a 0-1 matrix is the lower bound of deterministic communication complexity, and the log of the approximate rank is the lower bound of randomized communication ...
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What is the most general structure on which matrix product verification can be done in $O(n^2)$ time?

In 1979, Freivalds showed that verifying matrix products over any field can be done in randomized $O(n^2)$ time. More formally, given three matrices A, B, and C, with entries from a field F, the ...
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LU factorization of a 0-1 matrix

I have a rather naive question on LU factorization which probably should be easy to answer. Say I have a matrix with entries only from $\{0,1\}$. When can we expect to get an LU factorization of such ...
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Approximation algorithm for Minimum Fill-In and/or minimum elimination ordering (for directed graphs)

Recently while working on a problem, I had to go through some of the literature on nested dissection. I happen to have one (maybe two?) questions related to the same. First, I will define a few ...
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What is the fastest algorithm to compute rank of a rectangular matrix?

Given an $m \times n$ matrix (assuming $m \ge n$), what is the fastest algorithm to compute its rank and basis of the columns? I am aware it can be solved through linear matroid intersection, which ...
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Polynomial algorithms for UPB (Unextendable Product Bases)

Consider a Hilbert space $H = H_1 \otimes \dots \otimes H_n$. An Unextendable Product Basis (UPB) is a set of product vectors $\vert v_i \rangle = \vert v_i^1 \rangle \otimes \dots \otimes \vert v_i^n ...
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Finding SVD efficiently for $AB^T$

I have a low rank matrix given as $AB^T$ where $A,B \in \mathbb{R}^{n \times p}$ and $p \ll n$. (I know $A$ and $B$ separately) EDIT: (I have added the second question here since it was closed as a ...
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Evidence that matrix multiplication can be done in quadratic time?

It is widely conjectured that $\omega$, the optimal exponent for matrix multiplication, is in fact equal to 2. My question is simple: What reasons do we have for believing that $\omega = 2$? I'm ...
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Transitive closure of an affine relation

I am looking for work on computing the transitive closure of an affine relation in the following sense: Let $R(x_1,\dots,x_n,x'_1,\dots,x'_n)$ be the relation defined by a system of linear ...
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What is the actual time complexity of Gaussian elimination?

In an answer to an earlier question, I mentioned the common but false belief that “Gaussian” elimination runs in $O(n^3)$ time. While it is obvious that the algorithm uses $O(n^3)$ arithmetic ...
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Matrix multiplication in $O(n^2 \log n)$

I was searching about Matrix multiplication, So I first visit wiki matrix multiplication algorithms, In references I found a paper which claim that uses $O(n^2 log(n))$ algorithm , I'd going to read ...
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Complexity of Finding the Eigendecomposition of a *Symmetric* Matrix

This is a specialized version of a previous question: Complexity of Finding the Eigendecomposition of a Matrix . For NxN symmetric matrices, it is known that O(N^3) time suffices to compute the ...
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Calculating a fast matrix vector product between vector of reals and a 0-1 matrix

Given: some vector $R=(r_1...r_l)$ - real numbers, and a set of distinct vectors with $0$ or $1$ coordinates $$\begin{array}{c} V_1=(c_{1,1} ... c_{1,l}),\\ V_2=(c_{2,1} ... c_{2,l}),\\ .....\...
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Survey on algorithms/complexity of linear algebra

I am looking for a good survey on algorithms and complexity of linear algebra (operations like rank, inverse, eigenvalues, ... for Boolean, $\mathbb{F}_p$, and integers/rationals matrices) with ...
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Determinants and bilinear forms

If one calculates the product of diagonal elements of the $U$ matrix in a $LUP$ factorization of a given matrix $A$, one can calculate the determinant of $A$. Also it is known that $LUP$ factorization ...
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Complexity of Finding the Eigendecomposition of a Matrix

My question is simple: What is the worst-case running time of the best known algorithm for computing an eigendecomposition of an $n \times n$ matrix? Does eigendecomposition reduce to matrix ...
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Integer multiplication where regular Fourier Transform approach would fail to provide best upper bound

I have a problem where multiplication of integers via regular Fourier Transform based multiplication technique would fail to provide best upper bound since the sequences of bits in both integers are ...
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A Boolean function that is not constant on affine subspaces of large enough dimension

I'm interested in an explicit Boolean function $f \colon \\{0,1\\}^n \rightarrow \\{0,1\\}$ with the following property: if $f$ is constant on some affine subspace of $\\{0,1\\}^n$, then the dimension ...
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Sparse Walsh-Hadamard Transform

The Walsh-Hadamard transform (WHT) is a generalization of the Fourier transform, and is an orthogonal transformation on a vector of real or complex numbers of dimension $d = 2^m$. The transform is ...
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