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How is Lambda Calculus a specific type of Term Writing system?

Church was associated with the Simply Typed Lambda Calculus. Indeed, it seems he explained the Simply Typed Lambda Calculus in order to reduce misunderstanding about the Lambda Calculus. When John ...
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Can we design our own `if` clause in Normal Order evaluation

I have been reading SICP and have been thinking over a thing for quite some time related to evaluation using Substitution with ...
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Historic Relationship between Typed Lambda Calculus and Lisp?

I was having a discussion with a friend recently (who is an advocate of strongly typed languages). He made the comment: The inventors of Lambda Calculus always intended it to be typed. Now we can ...
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Is contextual equivalence of a language with `quote`-`eval` trivial or not?

In [1], Mitchell Wand demonstrated that adding fexprs to the pure lambda calculus trivializes the theory of contextual equivalence, meaning two terms are contextually equivalent iff they are $\alpha$-...
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Mathematical explanation of recursion and lambda (referenced in The Little Schemer)

In the preface of Friedman and Felleisen's book The Little Schemer it states: We could, for example, describe the entire technical content of this book in less than a page of mathematics, but a ...
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