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For a graph, a maximum cut is a cut whose size is at least the size of any other cut. The problem of finding a maximum cut in a graph is known as the max-cut problem.

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Positive cut algorithm on bipartite graphs with negative weights

Let $G=(V,E,w)$ be a bipartite graph with weight function $w:E→\{-1,1\}$. Is there an efficient (polynomial) algorithm for finding some positive (not necessarily maximum) cut of $G$, if one exists? If ...
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Approximating a max-cut's intersection with other cuts

For the purposes of this question, a cut in a graph $G$ is the edge-set $\delta (S)\subseteq E(G)$ between some vertex-set $S$ and its complement. A max cut is one with at least as many edges as any ...
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Fastest exact algorithm for MAXCUT

Is the algorithm introduced in the following paper still the fastest exact algorithm for general MAXCUT problems? TIA Ryan Williams, A new algorithm for optimal $2$-constraint satisfaction and its ...
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The distribution on the solution space induced by randomized rounding

Consider the Goemans-Williamson algorithm for the MAX-CUT problem. It is known, that if $maxcut(G) \geq 1-\epsilon$, then the algorithm returns a cut $S$ of fractional size at least $1-\sqrt{\epsilon}$...
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Complexity of Max Bisection on cubic planar graphs?

Max Bisection problem is to partition the set of nodes into two equal size sets such that the number of crossing edges is maximum. Max Bisection is $NP$-complete on cubic graphs and also on planar ...
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The Quality of SDP relaxation on MaxCut

My question is: given a maxcut instance, if it costs too much to solve it to optimal practically but we can get an optimal solution of SDP relaxation quickly, can we assess the quality of this SDP ...
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Gram matrix of Max-Cut relaxation

It seems that Goemans and Williamson give a unique representation for each graph of the semidefinite relaxation (elements $y_{ij}$ of Y). However, semidefinite programming may give the same maximum ...
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Resource on phase transition in MAXCUT problems

Could anyone suggest reading materials on phase transition in MAXCUT problems other than [1]? Thanks. Ref: Coppersmith, Don, David Gamarnik, Mohammad Taghi Hajiaghayi, and Gregory B. Sorkin. "...
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Max Flow Routing

Let G = (V,E,S,I,T) be a directed flow network with nodes V, edges E with unit capacity, source nodes S $\subseteq$ V, intermediate nodes I $\subseteq$ V, and target nodes T $\subseteq$ V. The problem ...
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Prove that Vertex Cover is NP-Complete by reducing MaxCut to Vertex Cover

This is not the most straight forward reduction available on the internet since most people start from the fact that vertex cover is NP-complete and reduce a given vertex cover instance to MaxCut ...
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