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Approximating the utilitarian welfare minus a constant

Assume we have $n$ agents and $m$ indivisible goods that need to be allocated among the agents such that their sum of utilities is maximized. Denote the set of allocations by $\mathcal{A}$ and the ...
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Non regular distribution in [0,1] examples

We say a distribution is regular is its associated virtual function \psi(x) = x - (1-F(x))/f(x) is monotone non decreasing. Here F and f are CDF and PDF for the distribution. How do I construct an ...
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Can theoretical computer science be combined with mechanism and information design and applications in financial markets

I am considering to take a position as a phd student in a computer science department. I am a mathematician with a master degree in finance and my research interests are mainly focused in game theory. ...
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"Looking for help understanding a proof by Gossner (1998)."

Although there is no use of cryptographic protocols in Gossner (1998), the author refers to protocols of communication and he has a main result that I struggle to prove, because he does not use a ...
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Auction theory - Selling Multiple Items via Social Networks

I am trying to understand this paper. The one thing that I cannot wrap my head around is the payment policy for the Generalized Information Diffusion Mechanism. It is explained on page 72 with ...
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Truthful posted-price mechanism with optimal efficiency (social welfare)

I am interested in mechanism design. In the paper On Profit-Maximizing Envy-free Pricing, SODA, 2005, the authors provided a truthful competitive posted-price mechanism with $4\log h$ guarantee of ...
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The logic in derivation of virtual welfare

I am learning algorithmic game theory with the lecture notes posted by Tim Roughgarden. In lecture 5 it is proved that the problem of revenue (or profit) maximization in single-parameter environment ...
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White elephant gift exchanges: mechanisms for fair division

A popular game at holiday parties in North America is the white elephant gift exchange. In brief (ignoring variations) it works as follows: There are $n$ people and $n$ wrapped gifts. Players are ...
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What does mechanism design constitute? (Game Theory)

I've been reading about mechanism design and the field seems a little abstract, in that I cannot ascertain whether a certain approach towards solving games falls under mechanism design. Let me ...
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