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How to Classify Memory Access Pattern by LLVM or Other Tools?

I am currently encountering issues with using LLVM. Here is my specific problem: I want to study the memory access patterns of applications that are suitable for mapping onto a Spatial Accelerator, ...
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What set of sequential 2-bit inputs would it take for any system with 2 bits of memory to not be able to know it is not being tested?

In a computer game, a player is tasked with making a sequential circuit that takes two one-bit inputs (for a total of four combinations) and outputs a bit depending on both the current input and the ...
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AMQ (Bloom-filter like structure) lower bounds

I want an Approximate Member Query structure (that is, something like Bloom filter), but with the highest possible compression ratio. I know that for AMQs where query is done in constant time, the ...
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Efficient algorithm for generating data dependency DAG from lists of memory ranges and access modes

Assume you are given: A list of N (not necessarily distinct) memory ranges of the form [x,y], where x and y are non-negative integers representing the lower and upper bounds of the range, and A list ...
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Hysteresis in finite automata

The concept of hysteresis seems well suited to describe and distinguish finite automata: "Hysteresis is the dependence of the state of a system on its history." (Wikipedia, Hysteresis) "[The ...
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Dependency of Algorithms, Data structures on Instruction sets ex: Classical vs Quantum computing

It seems to me that All/any algorithm(s) evolve based on what's feasible on a machine. This is captured within its instruction set. By Analogy data structures are closely associated with physical ...
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Data structure for dynamic memory allocation

Think of the cell-probe model. Is there a data structure that can allocate contiguous chunks of memory of any length (like e.g. malloc in C), and free them, while avoiding memory segmentation, and ...
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