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Reference request: DFA linear-time minimization

What is the most complicated kind of deterministic finite-state automaton that can be minimized in $O(n)$ time? Here’s what I’ve been able to find so far: The acyclic case has been solved. So any ...
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Determining if transducer automaton has two states with intersecting images, without minimizing?

I work (in implementation!) with deterministic finite state automata with input and output; i.e. there are transitions (start state,input letter)$\to$(new state,output letter). Thus every state gives ...
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Minimizing a monotone submodular function under a cardinality constraint

I would like to know what the status of the following question is: Given query access to a non-decreasing, non-negative submodular function $f\colon 2^{[n]} \to \mathbb{R}$ and a parameter $0 \leq ...
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minimal languages that "cover" grammar productions

this question is based on generalizing two somewhat similar questions that recently appeared on the "sister" beta site (now with more questions than this one!) and which seems theoretically ...
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Christofides algorithm for directed graph

Is it possible to implement the Christofides algorithm for an directed Graph? Suppose you have an undirected Graph, in which every vertex has an edges in both ways to every other in the graph (not to ...
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Graph partitioning to minimize sum of intra-partition edge weights

I've seen a lot of graph partitioning algorithms w/ the objective of minimizing the weight of inter-partition edges, (e.g. k-way partitioning) but haven't quite found anything on minimizing the total ...
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QUBO formulation of a discrete-variable optimization problem

I am facing a non-linear, discrete optimization problem, which I can formulate in this abstract manner: I have a certain non-analytic non-linear real-valued function $f:S \to \mathbb{R}$ which takes ...
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Minimize L2 norm by circular permutation

Imagine two lists $L$, $M$ of the same length $n$. How to find $j$ such that $\sum_{i=1}^n(L[i]-M[i+j])^2$ is minimal, where the index $i+j$ is taken modulo $n$? Of course one can take all the ...
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3D Bin Packing with one bin with infinite/unknown size

Hi I'm looking for a variation of the Orthogonal 3D-BinPacking algorithm with only one bin of unknown size. I have a set $S$ of $n$ cuboids items $i_j$ with $j=1...n$. The dimensions of the items are ...
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Hardness of Minimizing Submodular Functions with Cardinality Constraints

I am new to submodular functions and I am reading the introductions to submodular functions and applications ( ). In this introduction, it ...
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Splitting a graph into size constrained clusters

I ran across a problem while working on an algorithm for a game I'm making on the side. It's basically a clustering problem where we have a graph G and want to split it into clusters of equal size ...
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Determine whether a categorical grammar is minimal concerning lexical entries

In order to compare the descriptional complexity of context-free and (combinatoric) categorical I need a way to check if a categorical grammar of a formal language is minimal concerning lexical ...
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Searchable finite field

Let $F$ be a large finite field, where the elements are strings of length $n$. We require, addition, multiplication, and division to be efficient (polynomial in $n$). We say that $F$ is searchable if ...
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