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What algorithms are there for ANN?

I'm a software engineer working on a large project for which one of the subcomponents involves approximately solving the nearest neighbors problem (to a factor of $1+\epsilon$). I was wondering what ...
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Query Phase of Multi-Level Hashing

I am trying to understand the fundamentals of multilevel Locality Sensitive Hashing. It is defined in the paper paper (page no-6). A Multi-level LSH data structure for $S$ is set up in the following ...
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Binary Trees for Nearest Neighbor Search

Given points $x_1, ..., x_n \in \mathbb{R}^d$, consider a binary decision tree $T$ on $\mathbb{R}^d$ with $L$ leaves, i.e. for a point $y \in \mathbb{R}^d$ at every node of the tree, we check whether $...
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Time Complexity for Nearest Neighbor Searches in kd-trees

Nearest neighbor searches in kd-trees run in logarithmic time, as shown by Friedman et al. However, I have some difficulty to fully understand the proof. In order to calculate the average number of ...
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Simple k-nearest-neighbor algorithm for euclidean data with highly variable density?

An elaboration on this question, but with more constraints. The idea is the same, to find a simple, fast algorithm for k-nearest-neighbors in 2 euclidean dimensions. The bucketing grid seems to work ...
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Dynamic planar exact k-nearest neighbors for pathological data

What are the best known results for a data structure offering the following operations on sets of points in 2-dimensional euclidean space: $insert(x)$ $delete(x)$ $nearest(k,x)$ (where $k$ is an ...
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Calculating the distance to the kth nearest neighbor for all points in the set

For a machine learning application, my group needs to calculate the Euclidean distance to the $k$th nearest neighbor in a set $X$ for each $x \in (X \cup Y) \subset \mathbb R^d$ (for $d$ between 5 and ...
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What data structures exist for fast calculation of distances between multi-dimensional points

I'm writing a program that receives data over a network connection. Every data point is simply a 4 dimensional vertex, lets call the dimensions X,Y,Z,W. The values of each dimension are exponentially ...
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Does kd tree requires triangular inequality for finding k-nearest neighbors

I have 3-dimensional data I want to store in a kd-tree. Additionally I have a domain-specific distance function in this space for which I have a hard time to prove the triangular inequality. Here is ...
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Best algorithm for calculating lists of neighbours

Given a collection of thousands of points in 3D, I need to get the list of neighbours for each particle that fall inside some cutoff value (in terms of euclidean distance), and if possible, sorted ...
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Costs of performing approx. nearest neighbor search in a skip quadtree

NOTE: The question has been restated in my answers: Assuming now that we can find the lowest sibling ancestors in $O(1)$ time, can the ANN be really performed in $O(\log n)$? Quadtrees are efficient ...
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Compare similar N-Dimensional vector in a database

I want to compute Euclidian distance between similar vectors in a database (SQLite). So each column in the database is a value from my vector. The first problem appears, I have a large number of ...
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