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Pagerank in directed *acyclic* graphs (DAG)

I deal with pagerank computations on large directed acyclic graphs (DAG). I found no reference to work on this specific case, only some work on pagerank in more specific cases, e.g., PageRank of Scale ...
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The Arrow of Time in a Non-Physical Realm [closed]

Could there be a logically consistent theory supporting the transmission of non-physical information to a point in time previous to the time it was sent using a computer network (quantum theory, etc)? ...
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HITS and PageRank, topic drift problem

Reading some papers and articles about PageRank and HITS algorithm, I've figured out that there's a problem called topic drift problem. Googling it, (since I wanted to know more about it) I only found ...
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Natural graphs that are not scale free

It is now a well known observation that many graphical structures that arise in natural settings tend to obey scale-free properties, such as the power law of degree distribution. Are there any good ...
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Decomposing Graph Flow (Solution exists?)

I'm wondering if someone can point me towards understanding this problem better. Suppose I have the graph $G = \{V,E\}$ with vertices $v \in V$ and directed edges $e_{i,j} \in E$. Each node has an "in-...
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How do you initialize your seed in the preferential attachment model?

Suppose that we seed our network with $m$ vertices. Suppose that at each step we add a vertex and c edges adjacent to that vertex. Should these initial $m$ vertices have no edges at the start of the ...
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What are good set size estimation algorithms for small sets (around 10-50 elements)?

I'm trying to implement an online distinct counting algorithm, and I have thousands of small sets of 32 bit IP addresses whose sizes I want to estimate with high accuracy (1-5%). I came across quite ...
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c factor in PageRank

In page 3 of PageRank paper is mentioned: let c be a factor used for normalization (so that the total rank of all web pages is constant). What is the use of c...
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Convergence of HITS Algorithm in the absence of Normalization

Kleinberg's HITS Algorithm (Authoritative sources in a hyperlinked environment) requires the hub (/authority) vector to be normalized after each step of the iteration $x(k+1) = A.x(k)$, in order to ...
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PageRank for a Non-Random Searcher

I'm looking to adapt the PageRank algorithm as a centrality measure in a network. This network however, unlike the "random surfer" of the original paper on PageRank, or the random library browser for ...
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Surveys on Network Coding

I want to start learning about Network Coding: Do you know any good survey (e.g. from IEEE Surveys and Tutorials) on the above subjects. I found some ...
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