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Is there a notion of indistinguishability obfuscation for almost equivalent circuits?

In the definition of indistinguishability obfuscation (iO), we have a probabilistic algorithm Obs that receives as input a circuit C, such that $i)$ the output Obs(C) is a circuit with the same ...
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Is "best-possible obfuscation" really what its name indicates?

The paper On Best-Possible Obfuscation defines what is calls "best-possible obfuscation", and proves (propositions 3.4 and 3.5) that efficient best-possible obfuscators are exactly efficient ...
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6 votes
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Obfuscation transformation and code maintainability

This is more a software engineering question, but my interest is in the mathematical modeling of the problem. While there seems to be some literature on the modeling of obfuscation transformation, I'...
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Encrypting or obfuscating transport stream identifiers in SSL-like connections

First, a longish prologue. Assume typical SSL/IKE/SSH-like connections where a Diffie-Hellman exchange is done first to establish session encryption and decryption keys, where those keys are ...
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Can a fully homomorphic encryption be used for oblivious code execution?

After reading this answer a while ago, I took an interest in fully homomorphic encryption. After reading the introduction of Gentry's thesis, I started wondering if his encryption scheme could be used ...
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