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Why did Caml become OCaml? (or, why use objects in F#?)

I have been programming in F# for a decade and in that time I have found that when I am working within the purely functional aspects, ie. the ML lambdas, tuples, generics, etc, that everything is ...
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Non-objected oriented type theories that can express the $\nu Obj$ calculus

Odersky et al.'s $\nu Obj$ calculus [1] adds just enough dependent typeness on top of object oriented programming to express interfaces that define types (and consequently module systems and other ...
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Formal semantics of a simple object oriented language without inheritance but with self-referential objects

Would you please point me to some papers or textbooks that describe rigorously a formal semantics/computational model of a simple object-oriented language? The language needs not accommodate ...
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Object-Oriented Programming Languages based on assignment

Is it correct to claim that an object-oriented programming language based on assignment (e.g., Java and Smalltalk) introduces mutability and hence complexity in concurrent applications ? In other ...
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Theoretical background of Classes and Objects

I would like to learn about the possible ways of formalizing Classes and Objects (in programing languages like java) using formal languages. Where should I start? This might be related to my previous ...
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Specification language for specifying both Objects and Primitive data types

I am looking for an specification language, which supports both primitive data types and objects. I already know about Object-Z. But I am wondering if there is any other Specification language that I ...
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