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Is it possible to define beta reduction for PHOAS?

I'm using Parametric Higher-Order Abstract Syntax (PHOAS) as a representation for untyped lambda calculus in OCaml: ...
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Why did Caml become OCaml? (or, why use objects in F#?)

I have been programming in F# for a decade and in that time I have found that when I am working within the purely functional aspects, ie. the ML lambdas, tuples, generics, etc, that everything is ...
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2 votes
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Why does ML's Value Restriction stop you from capturing parametric values?

Here the MLton manual explains ML's value restriction. Specifically, it disallows functions to take on multiple parametric instantiations if they have a closure over local variables. Edit: note ...
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Formal semantics of OCaml in Coq

The semantics of a large subset of OCaml, called OCamllight, was formalized in HOL by Owens several years ago. More recently, a type theoretical semantics of a smaller subset of OCaml was implemented ...
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