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Questions tagged [one-way-function]

Questions regarding easy-to-compute, but hard-to-invert functions.

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VNP = VP versus complexity classes in Arithmetic Geometry

What is the implication of $VNP = VP$ to cryptography schemes such as Elliptic curve/Abelian Variety/Arithmetic Geometry based cryptography? Are there any papers or books that talk about sophisticated ...
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A generalisation of one-wayness

$\mathbf{NP}$-complete problems are worst-case hard. Their average-case counterpart are one-way functions. Is there an analogous one-wayness notion for $\mathbf{coNP}$-complete problems? More ...
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Does there exist a cryptographic associative hash function?

Does there exist a function $f(x,y)$ with these properties: Computing $f(x,y)$ is in P. $f$ is associative: $f(x, f(y, z)) = f(f(x, y), z)$. $f$ is one-way (assuming P $\neq$ NP): Given the value ...
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Understanding the weak-OWF exists -> OWF exists proof

This is a proof that I've gone back to many times over the last few years and while I can read it and easily verify the steps, it seems like it's a proof, where I will always essentially forget the ...
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A approximation version of the Goldreich-Levin Theorem

A little introduction The Goldreich-Levin Theorem says that let $f$ a one-way function and set $f'(x,r)=(f(x),r)$ where $|r|=|x|$ then $\langle x, r \rangle = \sum_{i}x_ir_i \mod 2$ is an hard-core ...
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Why are one way functions and pseudorandom number generators considered necessary or essential for derandomization?

If strong pseudorandom number generator exists then $BPP=P$ holds and if one way functions exists then $BPP\subseteq SUBEXP$ holds. What are the best statements we have proved that come close to ...
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one-way functions vs. secret-coin CRHFs

Is there any paper which can be used to show that there can be no relativizing construction of a secret-coin Collision-Resistant Hash Family from a one-way function and unlike this paper, does not ...
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Impossibility of uniform generation in random world

I specify that this is a cross-post from crypto.stackexchange but I didn't get satisfactory answers. I was reading Limits on the provable consequences of one way permutations by Impagliazzo and Rudich ...
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One way analogues of Logspace

When we say a function is one-way we typically mean a function is encodable in $P$ but its decryption is not in $P$ but in $UP$. Likewise we say a function is logspace one-way if the function is ...
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Describe Levins 'Tile Expansion' one way functon in layman terms

I'd like some explanation on the details of the 'Complete OWF' presented on this paper in 'layman terms'. See page 13 of I'd prefer that the answerer had '...
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Assume `P != NP`, does it imply that one-way functions exist?

I define a function f to be one-way iff for any sufficiently large x computing f(x) bounded ...
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"Partial" invert a one-way permutation

First of all, to my best understanding, traditionally, if $f$ is a one-way function that maps a length $l$ bit string to another length $l$ bit string (i.e., $f:\{0,1\}^l\rightarrow\{0,1\}^l$), then ...
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