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Complexity of topological sort with constrained positions

I am given as input a DAG $G$ of $n$ vertices where each vertex $x$ is additionally labeled with some $S(x) \subseteq \{1, \ldots, n\}$. A topological sort of $G$ is a bijection $f$ from the vertices ...
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Binary search generalizations for posets?

Suppose I have a poset "S" and a monotonic predicate "P" on S. I want to find one or all maximal elements of S satisfying P. EDIT: I'm interested in minimizing the number of evaluations of P. What ...
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Lexicographically minimal topological sort of a labeled DAG

Consider the problem where we are given as input a directed acyclic graph $G = (V, E)$, a labeling function $\lambda$ from $V$ to some set $L$ with a total order $<_L$ (e.g., the integers), and ...
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Worst number of questions needed to learn a monotonic predicate over a poset

Consider $(X, \leq)$ a finite poset over $n$ items, and $P$ an unknown monotonic predicate over $X$ (i.e., for any $x$, $y \in X$, if $P(x)$ and $x \leq y$ then $P(y)$). I can evaluate $P$ by ...
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Minimal elements of a monotonic predicate over the powerset $2^{|n|}$

Consider a monotonic predicate $P$ over the powerset $2^{|n|}$ (ordered by inclusion). By "monotonic" I mean: $\forall x, y \in 2^{|n|}$ such that $x \subset y$, if $P(x)$ then $P(y)$. I am looking ...
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