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Questions tagged [paper-review]

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Found a mistake in a paper - should I be mentioned?

I'm a graduate student, and I found a mistake in someone's paper, from the arxiv version. It's a mistake in a certain proof, so that their proof didn't actually prove the theorem. I pointed it out to ...
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What is the current status of Acta Informatica?

Almost everybody knows the journal Acta Informatica. Some really important publications appeared there over the years. Upon looking on the website of the journal I noticed the following: Number of ...
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Is the dominating 7-set problem known to be solvable in ​ n$^{7+\hspace{.03 in}o(1)}$ ​ time?

This paper says "For k ≥ 7, k-Dominating Set can be solved in nk+o(1) time.", but Reference 17 only makes that claim for ​ ℓ ≥ 8 , ​ and it seems like on the "Proposition 2" page, the matrices would ...
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How to write algorithms?

Reading research articles in theoretical computer science, I noticed that people often describe their algorithms in an enumerative way (i.e., they enumerate the steps of their algorithm and use "go to"...
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What is the complexity of the "characteristic bisection" method?

The characteristic bisection method is an algorithm for finding approximate zeros of multi-dimensional functions. It is a generalization of the bisection method; it is described briefly here. ...
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Understanding a conference reviewer comment

I submitted my first paper to ICALP 2021 and just got the reviews back after receiving a rejection a couple of days ago. The reviews were overall positive with nearly all of the comments on ...
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Error in entropy properties in Mathematical Theory of Cryptography by Claude E. Shannon

I am reading this classic paper by Claude E. Shannon and I think there may be a couple of errors in his description of the properties of Entropy/Uncertainty. The screenshot shown at the bottom of this ...
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What points should I mention and how? - in a theory paper's introduction part

this is my first time writing a theory paper and I am getting carried away with thoughts when I am writing theory paper's introduction, I have read some web pages telling what points should I mention ...
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