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Questions tagged [percolation]

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What is the *generally accepted* definition for the percolation threshold on finite-sized graphs?

For "regular" graphs (lattices, if you will), it's easy to define the percolation threshold $p_c$ as the critical probability beyond which the infinite graph will contain an infinitely large cluster ...
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Clique-Percolation Algorithm's "corner cases"

I'm programming an implementation of the Clique-Percolation algorithm, but I have many doubts about some corner cases. Imagine we want to find the communities of a graph using $k=4$. We are lucky and ...
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What is an accessible introduction to Percolation Theory?

What is the best place to start for someone in Computer Science with a graduate level background in linear algebra, probability theory, and graph theory?
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Complexity of percolation

In the context of bond percolation on $\mathbb{Z}^d$ where $d$ is a positive integer, consider the problem of computing a $2^{-k}$-approximation of the critical percolation $p_c$ given a lattice ...
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