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Is this vertex ordering optimization NP-Hard?

Could you help me to prove that the following problem is NP-hard? Problem. Given an undirected graph $G=(V,E)$, find an ordering of the nodes such that $\sum\limits_{v\in V}|succ(v)|\times|pred(v)|$ ...
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Applications of representation theory of the symmetric group

Inspired by this question and in particular the final paragraph of Or's answer, I have the following question: Do you know of any applications of the representation theory of the symmetric group in ...
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Complexity of applying a permutation in-place

To my surprise, I was not able to find papers about this - probably searched the wrong keywords. So, we've got an array of anything, and a function $f$ on its indices; $f$ is a permutation. How do ...
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Can you identify the sum of two permutations in polynomial time?

There were two questions asked recently on which were either related to or had a special case equivalent to the following question: Suppose you have a sequence $a_1, a_2, \ldots a_n$ of $n$ ...
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Set Cover for Permutation Matrices

Given a set S of nxn permutation matrices (which is only a small fraction of the n! possible permutation matrices), how can we find minimal-size subsets T of S such that adding the matrices of T has ...
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Deciding if a given $\mathsf{NC}^0$ circuit computes a permutation

What is the complexity of deciding whether an $\mathsf{NC}^0$ circuit with $n$ input bits and $n$ output bits computes a permutation of $\{0,1\}^n$? in the other words, whether every bit strings in ...
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Deciding whether an NC${}^0_3$ circuit computes a permutation or not

I would like to ask about a special case of the question “Deciding if a given NC0 circuit computes a permutation” by QiCheng that has been left unanswered. A Boolean circuit is called an NC0k circuit ...
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Complexity of the Fisher-Yates Shuffle Algorithm

This question is in regard to the Fisher-Yates algorithm for returning a random shuffle of a given array. The Wikipedia page says that its complexity is O(n), but I think that it is O(n log n). In ...
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Efficient algorithm for existence of permutation with differences sequence?

This question is motivated by this post, Can you identify the sum of two permutations in polynomial time? , and my interest in computational properties of permutations. A differences sequence $a_1, ...
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Complexity of permutation related problems

Given a group $G$ of permutations on $[n]=\{1, \cdots, n\}$, and two vectors $u,v\in \Gamma^n$ where $\Gamma$ is a finite alphabet which is not quite relevant here, the question is whether there ...
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Is there a simple characterization of regular languages closed under circular shifts?

A language $L$ is closed under circular shifts if, for every word $w = a_1 ... a_n$ and circular shift $w' = a_i ... a_n a_1 ... a_{i-1}$ of $w$, then $w \in L$ iff $w' \in L$. It is equivalent to ...
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Probability of generating a desired permutation by random swaps

I'm interested in the following problem. We're given as input a "target permutation" $\sigma\in S_n$, as well as an ordered list of indices $i_1,\ldots,i_m\in [n-1]$. Then, starting with the list $L=...
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How to shuffle cards with restrictions?

I want as uniformly as possible to pick from all full shuffles such that this additional criterion applied. For example, i would like to shuffle 4 decks of cards, and make sure: Any consecutive 4 ...
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Constraint Satisfaction Problem: Choosing real numbers with variance in a certain range

I have a set of n real numbers. I want to repeatedly choose subsets of k elements such that the variance of these k numbers falls within some specified range, r = [l, u]. Moreover I want to do this ...
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Number of permutations which have the same Kendall-Tau distance

Input: The number of elements $m$ and an (positive) integer distance $d$. Ouput: The number of permutations of $m$ elements which have Kendall-Tau distance $d$ from a fixed permutation. I think there ...
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