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Petri net termination

Termination is the following problem. Input: a Petri Net with initial marking Output: "yes" iff there exists an infinite firing sequence. The naive algorithm in the case of bounded nets for example ...
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Bouziane’s transformation of the Petri net reachability problem and incorrectness

This paper seems to point out that Bouziane’s solution is incorrect. In the conclusion: This false ...
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Resources (books, etc) to learn about concurrency theory

I want to know more about concurrency theory from a formal/mathematical point of view, I know there are a lot of computer science branches that relates to concurrency theory like process algebra, ...
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Is there any work that relates the liveness of a Petri Net to the complexity of determining coverability?

I'm working on a problem where the formalism appears to be an abstraction of a kind of Petri net, and it is possible to construct an equivalent Petri net from this formalism with the same behavior. ...
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Are there Petri net models with "checking" rather than "taking" transitions?

Is there a studied model of Petri nets where each transition only has one normal in-edge (which removes a marker from a place), but can also have "checking" edges, which only check whether there is a ...
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Is it possible to model maximization in a petri net without using inhibitor arcs?

Creating a petri-net that models the minimum function is quite simple: ...
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