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Questions tagged [pl.programming-languages]

Programming languages, in particular, focussing on their semantics.

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2 answers

Undecidability of program optimization

A program is an encoded Turing Machine. And a size optimizer of a program is a TM $M_1$ such that: On any input $M$, $M_1$ outputs $M_{min}$ such that $M_{min}$ is the shortest TM which is ...
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What requirements should a denotational semantics for a programming language satisfy to be correct?

We have a programming language and its denotational semantic, like Tony Hoare's CSP with its syntax and denotational semantic e.g. stable failure and UTP. We want to extend the language (its ...
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Is there a relationship between Brown and Palsberg's Self-Interpreter for F-Omega and Lawvere's Fixed Point Theorem?

Brown and Palsberg [0] demonstrated an self-interpreter for F-Omega. To do so, they perform "a careful analysis of the classical theorem [of the impossibility of self-interpretation by total ...
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A question in constraint based analysis

I may have a very naive question on Constraint Based Analysis. (a technique of static program analysis). I am reading an informal introduction from F. Nielson He gives such an example, ...
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Equivalence of two basic blocks

My questions: What are other names for this and similar problems and their fields? ("equivalence of varieties in universal algebra", "equivalence of algebraic structures", "rewriting systems for ...