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A language outside the Boolean closure of stochastic languages

Stochastic languages, that is, those accepted by probabilistic automata, are known to not be closed under intersection, union, concatenation, and morphism, even on unary languages. I have two ...
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Size complexity of probabilistic two-way automata for a Boolean function

I'm interested in computing Boolean functions $f:\{0,1\}^n\rightarrow\{0,1\}$ with two-way finite automata and I will measure the complexity of a Boolean function by the number of states for the ...
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The regularity of Markov chains with a threshold

(This question has been asked on, with no response.) I am studying Paz's "Introduction to Probabilistic Automata" and there is an exercise I cannot solve: Ex. 11, p. 170: Let $\Sigma = \{a\...
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WFSA over hyperreals

Are there any works where authors tried to define weighted finite state automata over hyperreals (or a similar object allowing for infinite and infinitesimal values) in an attempt to make automata ...
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What is the relationship between the number of states in Quantum Finite Automata and the number of non-regular languages they can recognize?

It is has been shown that Quantum Finite Automata can recognize at least some non-regular languages. What is the relationship between the number of states in a qfa and the number of non-regular ...
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Vector representation of probabilistic automaton

Suppose we have $N$ states $q_i$, $0\leq i<N$ Suppose we have $N\times N$ probability matrix $p_{ij}$, $0\leq i<N$, $0\leq j<N$, And suppose a machine, which is being in state $q_i$ then ...
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Computational power of probabilistic automata

I am a bit confused about the proper role of probabilistic automata (PA) in the theory of computation. Informally, I can imagine they can accept more than finite automata (FA) as they, for instance, ...
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