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What can be some bachelor thesis ideas in Quantum random walks?

Note: Cross-posted on Quantum Computing Stack Exchange. I am an undergraduate, reading about quantum information and quantum technology. For about some time, I have been interested in the ...
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Impartial Combinatorial Games as a core of the final undergraduate project

Solving several problems of Impartial Combinatorial Games in Game Theory has drawn my attention. So that, I'd like to ask if it's possible to use this topic (e.g. Sprague Grundy theorem) as a core or ...
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Topics from theoretical computer science suitable for a bachelor thesis?

this is my first question, so please be patient :) My question in particular: Is the field of theoretical computer science so complex, that it is just "too much" for a bachelor thesis? Unfortunately I ...
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PCP research proposal [closed]

Hi I am taking an undergraduate taking a course in Probabilistic checkable Proofs. I will greatly appreciate if you can suggest some good research ideas and pertaining reading for someone who is just ...
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Current research topics in tree automata

What are current research topics connected with tree automata? I'm particularly interested with connection between automatas, logics and databases. Kind regards, XYZ
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Is there good open source project that apply semantic web, modal logics, and similar technologies

Recently such themes as semantic web, modal logics, business rules have seen increased interest as research topics in computer science (alhough many of then have more than 80 years of history), but ...
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What are the open ended questions for an CS Undergraduate to think about? [closed]

What can be a possible open ended research topics in Computational Complexity (or something equally fun), for an undergraduate to think about? [I am planning to take up something fun, however my ...
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Good exploit to explore for an undergraduate research paper [closed]

I am looking to write a research paper for an undergraduate class in security. I'd like to explore the details of a security attack that's happened within the last ~15 years (within the last 5 years ...
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Theoretical Computer Science or Sensor Networks

I am a first year PhD student in computer science. The major areas my supervisor is working with are: Theoretical Computer Science (knowledge representation, uncertainty, etc.) and wireless sensor ...
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Advantages and specific applications of massively parallel programming thesis idea

I'm nearly graduated in computer science engineering and my thesis should discuss the massively parallel computational model of CUDA and its advantages/applications. I'm searching for an application ...
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Reversible Logic Circuit Synthesis [closed]

I am about to choose a project regarding "Reversible logic circuit synthesis". I've studied well about "Switching circuits and Logic design" and I found it very intriguing but I've got no idea about ...
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Ideas for a project in Mathematica related to (Theoretical) Computer Science [closed]

I'm a graduate student in Computer Science. For an exam, I have to realize a package in Wolfram Mathematica, with a free topic. My interests are particularly related to theoretical Computer Science, ...
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