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QMA stands for the complexity class Quantum Merlin Arthur.

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Is QMA known to contain Co-NP?

Is QMA known to contain Co-NP? If not, would Co-NP being contained in QMA have any implications for other complexity classes. (e.g. Causing the polynomial heirachy to collapse.)
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The complexity of LH with constant gap

Kitaev's quantum equivalent of the Cook-Levin Theorem, provides a polynomial time classical reduction from a QMA verification circuit to a sum $H$ of local hamiltonians, such that the least eigenvalue ...
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Two definitions of $QMA$

In this question, I am trying to understand the equivalence between the following two definitions of the complexity class QMA. In Quantum Computational Complexity, John Watrous defines the class QMA ...
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Simulation of every physical quantum system on quantum computer

Let me quote from the section 9.3 of Classical and Quantum Computation by Kitaev, Shen and Vyalyi. With high confidence, we may claim that every physical quantum system can be efficiently ...
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What is the Relationship between QMA and AM?

I read in S. P. Jordan, D. Gosset, P. J. Love's "$QMA$-complete problems for stoquastic Hamiltonians and Markov matrices" that it is unlikely that $QMA \subseteq AM$. I was surprised about this ...
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Understanding QMA

This question comes out of an answer Joe Fitzsimons gave to a different question. Most natural complexity classes have a one-line "intuitive description" that helps characterize core problems in that ...
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