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M/G/$\infty$ queue with mixture of deterministic service times

Hey guys I am studying queueing theory and I am trying to understand this problem. Consider an $M/GI/ \infty $ queue with the following service time distribution: the service time is $1/\mu_i$ with ...
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Boundedness of expected reward Markov chain

This is a repost of a question I asked on math.SE. The problem: I have an infinite Markov chain $M$ over the natural numbers, with transition probabilities $$P(n,m)=\sum_{i=0}^{min(m,n)} {n\choose i}...
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Transactional partially-ordered message queuing

I'm having a really hard time finding a solution to a practical programming problem, and I think raw CS might have an answer. The requirement is for a familiar message queue for which there are ...
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What is a multicast graph?

Martin Fowler in his blog post on "The LMAX Architecture" tried to describe the component called Disruptor as a multicast graph of queues At a crude level you can think of a Disruptor as a ...
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The Optimum Strategy to Find the Best Parking Slot Along a Busy Road

Imagine that you are going to a shop. In front of the shop there are $N$ number of parking slots. That shop is located at the $k^{th}$ slot. As you drive along the parking slots, you notice that for $...
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Queueing Theory: How to estimate steady-state queue length for single queue, N servers?

I have a real-life situation that can be solved using Queueing Theory. This should be easy for someone in the field. Any pointers would be appreciated. Scenario: There is a single Queue and N ...
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Can someone suggest a recent survey on product form Markov chains?

I'm especially interested in their use in model checking applications. I have Open, Closed and Mixed Networks of Queues with Different Classes of Customers by Baskett et al. Any other suggestions ...
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