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Manuel Blum's supervisory style

Manuel Blum is a well-known theoretical computer scientist and a Turing award winner. But more interestingly, he has the highest number of students who have gone on to win a Turing award (Leonard ...
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How to succeed in remote TCS research as undergraduate

I am participating in a remote summer research program in theoretical computer science due to the current pandemic. I recognize that given the current situation, it may be harder to collaborate with ...
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Why is single authorship so common among breakthrough papers in computer science?

Looking at the list of important papers in computer science one notices that the majority are authored by a single author. Those include classic papers of Turing, Shannon, Karp and Cook. Cook's solo ...
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Formula in common: How to search for same/similar equations in other knowledge domains?

In a recent presentation by Sedgewick, he recounts in 1977 Flajolet noticed that they had a formula in common, both in different domains (see slide 4 in
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How to write algorithms?

Reading research articles in theoretical computer science, I noticed that people often describe their algorithms in an enumerative way (i.e., they enumerate the steps of their algorithm and use "go to"...
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How can I handle the presentation of a research problem?

I recently discovered a more efficient algorithm for a problem that was published in a specialized journal and presented in a rather concrete way that is related to its application. I abstracted that ...
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How can I switch into computability theory when I am part way through my PhD in deep learning?

I am partway through my PhD studying deep learning. I chose it just because it's useful and would yield a lot of industry opportunities. However, I am really missing my previous coursework in ...
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