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Recent advances in computer science since 2010?

Since I left school (early 2010s) a couple of recently developed techniques were widely adopted by the industry. For example, Asymmetric numeral systems for compression (e.g. Ubuntu ships with ...
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Find research partner (profession and beginner)

I've 10 years of industrial work, but in my free time, I do research, write papers to conferences, help to teach to my old friend at the university and I even did a Ph.D. full-time program. Now, I've ...
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How much computer science / software experience is needed for a math major to do work in AI?

As a math major who is planning on getting their PhD in mathematics, how much computer science or software engineering experience/education do I need to comfortably do research in AI, i.e., would a ...
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Program optimization - 90/10 law

I found this "law" somewhere on Wikipedia: In software engineering, it is often a better approximation that 90% of the execution time of a computer program is spent executing 10% of the code (known ...
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Help in understanding Symbolic Execution

I am an undergraduate CS student and currently reading on software security, particularly on static analysis of programs. I am particularly interested in understanding Symbolic Execution - an ...
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Proofs for Implementation Statements

I've been struggling with understanding of the proofs showing that implementation statements are extensional. Basically I am referring to material described in Abstraction Classes in Software Design ...
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Verification: how 'formal' is a tool like Java Modeling Language (JML) compared to certified libraries and model checking?

(note: this is probably a beginner question, and English is not my first language) Recently, I have read a paper that used the “Java Modeling Language” (JML), see for instance: http://www.eecs.ucf....
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Temporal Logic and Access Control Models

What is the best way to describe the semantics of a new access control model?. I heard the temporal logic is the way to go. Is it true?
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2 answers

To what extent can an algorithm predict the time complexity an arbitrary input program?

The Halting problem states that it is impossible to write a program that can determine if another program halts, for all possible input programs. I can, however, certainly write a program that can ...
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How to Create Mission Critical Software?

I am self learning formal methods. I heard that formal methods is used (and usually only used) to create mission critical software (such as nuclear reactor controller, aircraft flight controller, ...
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Verified Software Repository

Does anyone know if the verified software repository is still alive? Bar that, are there other repositories out there of verified (or just certified) software? The archive of formal proofs is nice, ...
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Recursion Schemes for Static Analysis (AST)

In the process of creating an AST analysis framework one of the challenges is creating good reusable functions and to avoid too much boiler-plate code. To that end catamorphisms seem like a good fit, ...
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