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Can theoretical computer science be applied in social sciences?

I'm very new to this field - technically not in it but want to be. I'm very early in my academic career (sophomore at a community college) but decided that I want to add a math major along with my ...
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State of the art algorithms for community detection in graphs

Is anyone aware of the must read papers to get knowledge of the most recent algorithms and method for community detection in graphs, especially those that represent social networks?
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Social choice theory, preference aggregation data sets

I do computational research on preference aggregation. I am quite interested in Kemeny Optimal Aggregation. However I do not find much useful data for preference aggregation in context of social ...
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Predicting the growth of a social network

I am building a predictive model for the growth of the amount of users of a new p2p protocol inspired by bitcoin and I would like to use historical data collected from the growth of major social ...
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Some problems about arrow's theorem and social choice [closed]

I'm just started lecture myself about arrow's theorem. There are some problems which make me confused. ARROW'S THEOREM: Any constitution that respects transitivity, independence of irrelevant ...
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Connection strength in a weighted social digraph, based on weights of individual links

Given a network where edges represent entities and directed vertices represent relationships between entities, and each vertex has a strength between 0 (no relationship) and 1 (strongest). I'm ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Decentralized algorithm for determining influential nodes in social networks

In this paper by Kempe-Kleinberg-Tardos, the Authors propose a greedy algorithms based on submodular functions to determine the $k$ most influential nodes in a graph, with applications to social ...
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Algorithmic lens in the social sciences

Looking at questions through the algorithmic lens (i.e. from an algorithmic or complexity point of view) has become useful in disciplines outside of the 'standard domain' of computer science. In ...
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Structured Graph Generation

I hope you can help. I am looking for the best way to generate random bipartite graphs with localised structure within one of the node types. Such that type A visits a local group of type B with a ...
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23 votes
4 answers

Social choice, arrow's theorem and open problems ?

Last few months I started to lecture myself on social choice, arrow's theorem and related results. After reading about the seminal results, I asked myself about what happens with partial order ...
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