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Hospital Resident Matching Algorithm with Incomplete Preferences

Consider a set of doctors $D$ and hospitals $H$ such that each doctor $d \in D$ has a rank ordered strict preference over a subset of hospitals, $H_d \subseteq H$. Similarly, each hospital $h \in H$ ...
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Stable recovery of signals by $\ell_1$ optimization

Suppose the received vector $y$ is generated from a vector $x^*$ as $y = { D}x^* + z$ for some ``dictionary" matrix ${D}$ and noise vector $z$ s.t for some $\epsilon >0$ we have, $\Vert z \Vert_2 \...
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Maximum stable matching/allocation

I checked some papers on two-side stable allocation/matching (marriage, worker/company, doctor/hospital), but has not found any literature on the following problem. Can someone point out if I missed ...
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Is the bitonic sort algorithm stable?

I was wondering, is the bitonic sort algorithm stable? I searched the original paper, wikipedia and some tutorials, could not find it. It seems to me that it should be, as it is composed of merge / ...
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Another algorithm for stable matching?

The only algorithm I have seen to compute a stable matching is the one by Gale an Shapley. Is there any other algorithm to compute a stable matching?
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