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Why don't chips switch to reversible computation model to save energy? [closed]

Reversible Computation Models at least do not consume energy, according to physical laws, since no information is erased. And there are also Fredkin Gate and Toffoli Gate which can effective simulate ...
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Is it possible to prove that a game(ex. chess or othello...) will eventually halt at some point. [closed]

Is it possible to prove that a game(ex. chess or othello...) is solvable and will eventually halt at some point. I wonder as the halting problem is undecidable, will it be possible to prove that a ...
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Getting Decimal Values From Whole Numbers - Is This Fixed-Point Arithmetic? [closed]

I'm working with a device that allows remote updates via SNMP to change the FM input/ouput frequency of the device. When I query the devices, I get back whole numbers, but, in real life, FM ...
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Any resources describing an OS assigning process priority via distance to HD head? [closed]

During the introductory computer organization class I recently took, the professor described the limitations of seek time in reading or writing to the disk. He suggested a solution whereby the ...
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Algorithm for Minimum Diameter Spanning Tree [closed]

Given a undirected and connected graph G, find a spanning tree whose diameter is the minimum. How to solve this problem
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Computational power of a 2-PDA [closed]

In our CS class, we have a question about the computational power of PDA's (Push Down Automaton). A 0-PDA (PDA with no stacks) is equivalent to an NFA (Non-deteministic Finite Automaton), while a 1-...
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How to solve the recurrence relation [closed]

How to solve the recurrence relation: T(n) = T(n - 1) + T(n / 2)+ n by recursion tree to get an asymptotic upper bound? The height is n, but how to generalize ...
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