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Time complexity of decision problems or relations among time-bounded complexity classes. (Use the [analysis-of-algorithms] tag for the time taken by particular algorithms.)

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Multiplicative version of 3-SUM

What is known about the time complexity of the following problem, which we call 3-MUL? Given a set $S$ of $n$ integers, are there elements $a,b,c\in S$ such that $ab=c$? This problem is similar to ...
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Analysis of the synergy of two algorithms in comparison to their simulation in parallel

Consider the following two algorithms for searching in a sorted array of $n$ elements: A) interpolation search and binary search simulated in parallel, and B) search through alternating ...
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Linked List size in constant time or linear time [closed]

The space-time complexity of getting the size of the linked list can differ in different implementations as far as I understand it. In the Boost C++ library one finds that the size() function can be ...
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Using lambda calculus to derive time complexity?

Are there any benefits to calculating the time complexity of an algorithm using lambda calculus? Or is there another system designed for this purpose? Any references would be appreciated.
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