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Are there problems that can be solved in time $2^{n-q^c}$ with $q$ qubits?

This is another attempt to formalize my former question on the topic. I'm looking for a problem for which all known classical algorithms take exponential time, but given ANY number of few qubits (...
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Tradeoff between running time and depth in neural network

I might not be in the good stack-exchange site, so please forgive me. Let consider a neural network that we want to train to a certain task. For the purpose of my research, I am wiling to reduce the ...
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Parametrically-relaxed Kolmogorov complexity

Consider the following problem: Input: An integer $n$ and a subset $S \subseteq \{0...n-1\}$ in some representation. Output: The encoding of some kind of automaton (say, a Turing machine) which ...
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Is a quadratic nondeterminism speed-up of deterministic computation plausible?

This is a follow up to nondeterministic speed-up of deterministic computation. Is it plausible that nondeterminism (or more generally alternation) would allow a general quadratic speed-up of ...
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Nondeterministic speed-up of deterministic computation

Can nondeterminism speed-up deterministic computation? If yes, how much? By speeding-up deterministic computation by nondeterminism I mean results of the form: $\mathsf{DTime}(f(n)) \subseteq \...
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