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Questions tagged [unique-games-conjecture]

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Some questions about the Ryan O'Donnel and Yuan Zhou's paper "Approximability and proof complexity"

My question is particularly about the set-up in section $8$ (``Analysis of the KV Max-Cut instances") of the paper, What they call the Khot-Vishnoi UG instance ...
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Sherali-Adams lowerbound instance of Unique Games constructed via CLT

The question comes from the following paper I have been reading: [1] Integrality Gaps for Sherali–Adams Relaxations. SODA'09. Moses Charikar, Konstantin Makarychev, Yury Makarychev. Theorem 6.1 of [...
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Sparse-cut approximation for well connected graphs

Theorem: For any graph $G=(V,E)$, there is a polynomial time algorithm that finds a cut $S \subseteq V$ with conductance at most $\sqrt{2\big(1 − \lambda(G)\big)}$. If I understand UGC correctly, ...
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Hardnnes of Approximation of Minimum Vertex Cover on 3-Regular Graphs

The paper [Inapproximability of Vertex Cover and Independent Set in Bounded Degree Graphs, Austrin, Khot, Safra] Shows that assuming the Unique Game Conjecture (UGC) the minimum vertex cover problem ...
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