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Best Upper Bounds on SAT

In another thread, Joe Fitzsimons asked about "the best current lower bounds on 3SAT." I'd like to go the other way: What's the best current upper bounds on 3SAT? In other words, what is the time ...
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What are the best known upper bounds and lower bounds for computing O(log n)-Clique?

Input: a graph with n nodes, Output: A clique of size $O(\log n)$, Providing links to references would be great
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What's the expressive power of Simply Typed Lambda calculus?

The standard approach to simply typed lambda calculus considers computations over Church numerals. If input and outputs are Church numerals always typed as $Int$, where $Int = (\tau \rightarrow \tau) ...
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Can addition be carried out in less than depth 5?

Using carry look ahead algorithm we can compute addition using a polynomial size depth 5 (or 4?) $AC^0$ circuit family. Is it possible to reduce the depth? Can we compute the addition of two binary ...
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How large a treewidth can a tree plus half the edges have?

Let G be a tree on 2n vertices. The treewidth of G, tw(G) = 1. Now suppose we add n edges to G to get a graph H. An easy upper bound on tw(H) is n + 1. Is this essentially the best possible? It ...
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Are quasi-polynomial sized circuits for 3-SAT trivial?

Suppose we consider 3-SAT with $v$ variables and $c$ clauses. I am researching a method that appears to take $O(v^{2+\log c})$ time/space to solve any SAT problem fitting this description, to within ...
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What bound can we get using $k$-th moment inequality under 3-wise independence?

Let $X_1,\dots, X_n$ be 0-1 random variables, which are $3$-wise independent. We want to give a upper bound to $\Pr(|\Sigma_iX_i-\mu|\geq t)$. Can we get better bound than $\Theta\left(\frac{1}t\right)...
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What are the current best upper bounds of #P?

#P is the class of counting problems for problems in NP. In other words, a solution to #P returns the number of solutions to a particular problem in NP. I'm wondering if there have been any studies ...
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Deciding transitivity of a directed acyclic graph [duplicate]

Is there any algorithm that decides whether a given directed acyclic graph is transitive or not, in time-complexity asymptotically better than boolean matrix multiplication?
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