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Dialogue writing style & Yuri Gurevich's imaginary student: Quisani

Recently, while I was looking for more sources of crossing sequence in computational complexity theory, I came across the article "Is Randomness 'Native' to Computer Scientist?" written by M. Ferbus-...
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How to write algorithms?

Reading research articles in theoretical computer science, I noticed that people often describe their algorithms in an enumerative way (i.e., they enumerate the steps of their algorithm and use "go to"...
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18 votes
2 answers

Is an NP-hardness proof of an NP-hard problem considered a contribution?

I am solving a problem that is claimed to be NP-hard elsewhere, say in the paper [XYZ]. The NP-hardness provided in [XYZ] is complicated and uses advanced techniques. After some research and work, I ...
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Writing a paper as a single author in 1st person singular

I am writing papers in theoretical computer science sometimes being a nonanonymous single author. Earlier, I used the 1st person plural in such papers, e.g.: We will show that the complexity ...
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7 votes
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How to be formal while writing papers?

I am just beginning my second year of PhD. While my advisor is largely happy with my progress and work, there seems to be a recurring point in our discussions that I need to be more formal in my ...
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What makes for a good paper abstract?

I am writing a paper for a TCS conference and wondering what the community's opinion is on how abstracts in TCS should be written, good practices, or rules of thumb. I thought that I had read enough ...
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22 votes
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How to write the introduction of a research paper?

Apologies if this is too broad a question for this forum, but I'm interested in specific tactics and tips that researchers (in TCS) use to write the introduction of a research paper.
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55 votes
7 answers

Good examples for how to write well in TCS

I was editing a student manuscript. The student remarked that it would be nice to see examples of quality writing in published work, and I realized that I couldn't really come up with good examples ...
21 votes
3 answers

Good practices for writing algorithms

This is about how effectively we can express an algorithm at hand. I need this for my undergraduate teaching. I understand there is no such thing as standard way of writing a pseudo code. Different ...
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25 votes
19 answers

What tools do you use to give presentations?

I was wondering what tools that people in this field (theoretical computer science) use to create presentations. Since a great deal of computer science is not just writing papers but also giving ...
6 votes
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How to format author information in research papers?

Is there any standard style for adding author information in research papers? I see different papers use different styles. Some have affiliation and contact address only. Some have affiliation, email, ...
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10 votes
5 answers

How do you decide when you have enough research results to write a paper and to which journal you submit the paper

In some research area in CS we got some very interesting results. Now we are thinking about publishing them. In the group we are, the philosophy is to publish inmediately small things in conference ...
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61 votes
7 answers

How to shoot down your proofs

What are general guidelines for checking your proofs? I believe this is important for graduate students like me. I already know what we need to do to prove something, but you always have to check ...
7 votes
5 answers

What is a substantial contribution to software design, with respect to authorship?

Background I am a biologist. I wrote and am about to submit a manuscript that describes a statistical analysis of computer model; it is a statistical methods and modeling paper. After my manuscript ...
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31 votes
6 answers

Empirical results in CS papers

I'm new to the CS field and I have noticed that in many of the papers that I read, there are no empirical results (no code, just lemmas and proofs). Why is that? Considering that Computer Science is a ...
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36 votes
8 answers

Collaborative tools for dummies/professors

Suppose that coauthors from two or more different institutions are writing a paper in latex, and would like to do better than repeatedly emailing drafts back and forth. They realize they can open for ...
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20 votes
5 answers

Version control for collaboration (with word-level diffs)?

Most papers are now written collaboratively, and collaborators are often located in different places. I have always used version control systems for my documents and code, and have also found version ...
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57 votes
16 answers

What tools do you use to write papers?

What tools do you use to write papers? From the little experience that I have, theoreticians spend a large amount of time writing and refining papers, besides actually being creative. That is, ...
23 votes
9 answers

What is the recommended software for drawing data structures such as graphs and trees?

When putting together results, it's often desirable to have some professional looking diagrams, rather than diagrams put together in MS Paint. What is the standard for drawing data structures?
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