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Does Factoring have a Statistical Zero Knowledge Proof?

The title should be pretty self-explanatory, but to be more precise, consider the decision version of factoring, which is given input $(x,k)$, where $x$ and $k$ are binary encodings of integers, to ...
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generalizing Ben-Or et al's two-prover bit commitment scheme beyond bits

In "Multi-Prover Interactive Proofs: How to Remove Intractability Assumptions" by Ben-Or, Goldwasser, Kilian, and Wigderson, the authors introduce a bit commitment protocol as a subroutine to their ...
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Is perfect zero knowledge sequentially composable without auxiliary input?

It is known that plain and computational zero knowledge proof systems are not sequentially composable without auxiliary input (see for example
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(Classical) Zero Knowledge protocol with quantum poly time simulator

We have lower bounds for classical zero-knowledge protocols (eg we cannot have 3-round zero-knowledge protocols for NP, with negligible soundness and black-box simulation). However, some of these ...
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Non-interactive proof showing the multiplication of an encrypted matrix with a public vector is as claimed

Consider a "fantasy sports" setting where $m$ contestants each pick $k$ players from a set of $n$ players before a game. The state can be represented by a Boolean matrix $\mathbf{A}$ of size ...
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concurrent non-malleable *statistical* zero knowledge

According to Huijia Lin and Rafael Pass's "Concurrent Non-Malleable Zero Knowledge with Adaptive Inputs" paper: if collision-resistant hash functions exist, then "there exists a $\omega\left(\log^...
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Are there efficient black-box constructions of sigma-protocols for SAT?

Is there a known black-box construction for the following implication? non-interactive string commitment that stretches additively by an amount which does not depend on the string being ...
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Is SZK dependent on the verifier’s model of computation?

What if instead of a probabilistic TM, the verifier in the definition of SZK was a quantum TM? How would this affect its relation to other classes? Would Statistical Difference still be a complete ...
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Is it possible to create an arbitrary $\textsf{NP}$-complete statement of chosen size $n$ and witness in polynomial time?

This questions came in my mind as I was reading the concept of hidden-bits of Feige, Lapidot and Shamir in "Multiple non-interactive zero knowledge proofs based on a single random string". There is ...
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