It would be nice if other high reputation users, and fanatics also nominate themselves (diversity is good so come on Theory B). The community needs you.

Jeff and SE people want us to think that moderators are there mainly to deal with "extremely mundane, almost janitorial" tasks and some infrequent exceptional cases, but I think the moderators are also representatives of the community and can put some pressure on SE people to get what community wants from them, and that is what I will try to do. If you elect me I will usedo all I can do to make SE people extend the interesting questions page to cstheory as soon as possible and allow more user customizations for that page and site's design (leti.e. let users choose their criteria for what an interesting question is, and change the colors and fonts to those they want). I will also try to pressure them to implement the forth place. Well, you see, I have already done it and therefore have fulfilled my promise. :)