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Can the initial algebra of a 2-variable polynomial functor be computed on the diagonal?

I finally came up with a proof under the hypotheses of (and thoroughly using) Adamek's fix-point theorem, I'll post it here as soon as I write it down properly. Anyway, I found a bit late that this is ...
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Power of non-implicationally-complete Frege systems and Boolean equational calculus

$\let\eq\leftrightarrow\def\ru{\mathrel/}\let\ET\bigwedge$Frege systems are required to be implicationally complete to make all such systems p-equivalent, yielding a robust definition of the Frege ...
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Complexity of solving a higher-order degree polynomial equation? P-problem or NP-problem or neither?

Finding the factorization of a single-variable polynomial with rational coefficients is apparently solvable in poly time, as shown in [1]: [1] Lenstra, A. K.; Lenstra, H. W., Jr.; Lovász, L. Factoring ...
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