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Knot Recognition as a Proof of Work

If there is an Arthur-Merlin protocol for knottedness similar to the [GMW85] and [GS86] Arthur-Merlin protocols for Graph Non Isomorphism, then I believe such a cryptocurrency proof-of-work could be ...
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Papers on relation between computational complexity and algebraic geometry/topology?

Some recent references here from Algebraic Topology, and UGC hardness- Morse Theory , and another reference Unique Games Conjecture and Computational Topology . The latter is about covering spaces ...
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What are some interesting applications of homotopical algebra in theoretical computer science?

Two big applications of homotopy theory in theoretical computer science are Homotopy Type Theory revealed a completely unexpected connection between the theory of the typed lambda calculus and ...
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Algebraic topology for termination proofs

As someone somewhat familiar with termination analysis, I'd say that the techniques are only as ad-hoc as the programs they aim to prove termination of, which is to say very ad-hoc indeed. The crucial ...
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What are some interesting applications of homotopical algebra in theoretical computer science?

My answer to a related post: Applications for set theory, ordinal theory, infinite combinatorics and general topology in computer science?: The 2004 Gödel Prize was shared by the following two papers: ...
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High-dimensional expanders through the lens of algebraic topology

High-dimensional expanders come in several flavors. The most common ones in TCS are spectral expanders, coboundary expanders, and cosystolic expanders. The latter two are defined using the algebraic ...
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algebraic topology in distributed computing

Maurice Herlihy, Dmitry Kozlov and Sergio Rajsbaum, "Distributed Computing Through Combinatorial Topology", 2014
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