Well one piece of evidence against PP being in BQP is that PP contains QMA, which is the NP equivalent of BQP.


There is a list of open problems in computational geometry. It is edited and maintained by Demaine, Mitchell, and O'Rourke.


There is a list of open problems in graph theory and combinatorics collected and maintained by Douglas B. West. This page maintains a list of lists of open problems in parameterized complexity.


There's the TLCA List of Open Problems, collecting unsolved problems in $\lambda$-calculi and related areas, such as proof theory, semantics and theory of programming languages. It is maintained by Ryu Hasegawa, Luca Paolini and PaweĊ‚ Urzyczyn. There's also a related list, the RTA list of open problems, concerning rewriting theory. At some point it was ...

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