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Oracle Construction for Grover's Algorithm

The oracle is basically just an implementation of the predicate you want to search for a satisfying solution to. For example, suppose you have a 3-sat problem: ...
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Property testing in other metrics?

The work of Berman, Raskhodnikova, and Yaroslavtsev [1] introduces testing of functions $f\colon [n]^d\to \mathbb{R}$ with regard to $L_p$ distances, for $p\geq 1$. It is meant to capture situations ...
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Optimalization of sum $f(x_i, x_j)$ for all $i < j$ pairs through permutation only?

Your problem is at least as hard as the NP-hard problem called Minimum Feedback Arc Set. Consider a directed graph and set $f(u,v)=1$ if it contains an arc from $u$ to $v$, and $0$ otherwise. Then ...
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Oracle Construction for Grover's Algorithm

You can also get a solution which uses only one ancillary qubit (but relies on NOT gates with multiple controls), by getting your input to algebraic normal form (e.g. with Mathematicas ...
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