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Complexity of n-queens-completion?

It's taken years but this post inspired us to write a paper which has come out today. The answer is that n Queens Completion is NP-Complete. However for full disclosure should mention we solve a ...
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Among an infinite variety of n x n board games, why are some interesting?

I've spent a lot of time on problems related to the computational complexity of (puzzle) games and I think there are many orthogonal aspects that can make a two-players or a one-player (puzzle) game ...
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Does this game terminate?

Digression Maybe since the time of asking you found the answer yourself... However yes, "Cavacamicia" has cycles so sometimes it is non terminating. Some friends and I found this back in May ...
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Matrix Coloring under Vertical and Horizontal Constraints

A1) The problem remains NP-complete even for fixed $|\Sigma|=3$ A reduction from planar 1-3-SAT is the following; suppose $\Sigma = \{0,1,2\}$ use a sequence of $M_{ij} = \{0,1\}$ pairs of ...
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Implementation of surreal numbers for games

Here is an implementation of Surreal Numbers in a relatively new language, Julia. Described at
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