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Algorithms Careers

A friend of mine works on the combinatorics of Sturmian words, and did so for years. A Sturmian word is typically obtained from a straight line drawn on a lattice: whenever the line crosses an ...
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What are theoretical computer science jobs?

I have a CS Theory background and work in industry doing research at a consulting firm. We get hired by people who want to use various types of computer models and don't have the expertise to create ...
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Algorithms Careers

It really depends on what you mean with "higher algorithms". I work in game development, and we use graph theory, linear and nonlinear optimization, computational geometry, dynamic ...
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Algorithms Careers

There are plenty of places that need algorithmic research in practical applications. Just to give you some examples: My current company makes a specialised machine learning supercomputer. Most of our ...
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Algorithms Careers

In my experience (a few decades of "business" style IT, having studied CS myself) there were very few occasions where we actually programmed "interesting" algorithms, and a ...
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Which are the best universities for a DPhil/PhD in proof theory and automated reasoning?

I'm aware of at least two perfect places. Paris and suburbs. You might want to check websites of David Baelde/Gilles Dowek (ENS Paris-Saclay), Delia Kesner (IRIF), Dale Miller (INRIA Saclay). Vienna....
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Graduate school for CS theory?

In many places (certainly most of USA and Canada) a master's is not required before a PhD. There it is fine, and probably recommended, to just apply directly to PhD programs from undergrad. I am not ...
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What math courses should I revisit to prepare for a CS Ph.D. (Reinforcement learning and Game Theory)?

Know linear algebra well, say, at the level of Peter Lax' book (start with the first 9 chapters). Also, some basic real analysis and probability theory should be a good place to start.
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Why would a TCS researcher need funding?

As a young professor, I wondered the same thing! The short answer is that the ability to secure funding is more or less a requirement for promotion and tenure. This may not seem fair at first (it didn'...
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Where should I apply for MS in CS if I want to get admitted for Phd in TCS

In the same spirit as in Joshua's answer (perhaps this could be made into a community wiki?) I will provide one more perspective. In Brazil: similarly to Europe, most people get a Master's Degree ...
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Where should I apply for MS in CS if I want to get admitted for Phd in TCS

[Doesn't exactly answer the question, but too long for a comment] For the USA: I don't think it's the case that you need either a master's or publications to get into a top-50 school. Top-10 sure. ...
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